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American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is the oldest and largest association of physicians-in training in the United States, with a membership of 68,000. UC Berkeley AMSA chapter is devoted to exposing its members to diverse issues in medicine: involving its members in service, social and self-development activities; fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie amongst students; and enhancing the pre-medical experience and the student’s understanding of and appreciation for the medical profession. The goal of AMSA Berkeley Premedical Chapter is to prepare students for a successful career in healthcare and medicine.

The mission of Premed AMSA is to develop professionalism and activism in their members as physicians-in-training. They aim to prepare students for medical school by providing resources, support, and leadership development. As activists, they seek to educate premedical students about public health issues and advocacy, such as health policy, the culture of medicine, global health and preventative medicine. Premed AMSA believe that a comprehensive medical education is necessary for the development of every physician.

AMSA Berkeley Premedical Chapter has five committees, and they are: community service committee, community environmental health/global health committee, culture of medicine/policy committee, fundraising committee, and lastly, gender and sexuality/race, ethnicity, and culture in health committee. Each committee is involved in fundraising activities, weekly talks and presentations, and community services.

Contact Information

• Point of contact:

 Co-presidents Lauren Mock and Dong Yao.

• Email:

 Lauren Mock at
 Dong Yao at

• Website:

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