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The ASUC (Associated Students of the University of California) Auxiliary, a department within the Division of Student Affairs, serves as the financial support arm of the ASUC Student Government. This department exists to enhance the student experience at UC Berkeley by helping and committing to all the students of the campus community. In order to foster exclusive learning opportunities and to ensure a sustainable organization, the ASUC Auxiliary provides high-quality services and programs. Moreover, with direction from the Commercial and Student Services Board (CSSB), the ASUC Auxiliary derives income from student fees, retail operations, vending, food service, and a variety of self-operated units, such as the Art Studio and Event Services. Other services that the department provides include: student group advising services, leadership opportunities, and student development programs through its LEAD center. Additionally, the ASUC Auxiliary manages and operates numerous facilities, such as the University Student Union, Eshleman and Anthony Halls (which house the ASUC student government), the Graduate Assembly, the Multicultural Center, Cal Corps, student organization offices, and many more. Lastly, to approximately, 25 ASUC Government Officers, Graduate Assembly Executive Officers, 1,300 student groups, and more than 40 student publications, the Auxiliary department administers financial and accounting services.


The ASUC Auxiliary is committed to improving student life at Berkeley and creating a strong, cohesive community on campus.


The ASUC Auxiliary is a department under the Division of Student Affairs at UC Berkeley. It has been serving the university since 1887, when the ASUC student government was officially established.

Roles and Responsibilities

The ASUC Auxiliary receives revenue from student income, as well as a number of services it runs like the Art Studio and Event Services. It also manages many services that provide leadership opportunities and programs through the Lead Center. In addition, the ASUC Auxiliary is responsible for on campus facilities such as Anthony Hall, the Multicultural Center, UC Berkeley Public Service Center. In many ways, the ASUC Auxiliary serves as the foundation for the campus community by providing students with a wide range of opportunities. It funds 25 ASUC government offices, over 1000 student clubs, 40 student publications, and even the Graduate Assembly.

The vibrant atmosphere of the UC Berkeley campus comes from having resources like the ASUC Auxiliary, which support students and encourage them to play an active role in their campus community. The ASUC Auxiliary strives to enrich student life by planning and executing many events and free on-campus services. In fact, the recent construction of Lower Sproul to improve on campus facilities and services falls under some of their jurisdiction.

Contact Information

Address: 114 Hearst Gymnasium Berkeley,CA 94720

Telephone: 510-642-1431