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An ASUC Senate bill is essentially a bill proposed by an individual or a group of people that suggests changes or enforcements on various topics that fall under the jurisdiction of the ASUC. The bill can be written by students and senators respectively and is voted upon by elected senators in the ASUC. However a bill written or submitted by students must be sponsored by an ASUC senator. After a bill is proposed it goes through a series of cycles before it is either passed or failed. They’re three committees at work to review various bills. The first committee is The Constitutional and Procedural Review Committee and their job is to evaluate bills concerning the constitution, the second committee is The Finance Committee and they assess bills regarding money. Finally there is The External Affairs Committee which focuses on reviewing Bills that concern all other external issues within the University. Once a bill is passed through the committee it is placed on what is called the consent Calendar to be debated at a later Senate Meeting. If a bill is passed at the senate meeting, depending on its requests it’s up to the individual or senator to ensure it’s enforced. This can be done through a number of ways, including forwarding the bill to the President’s office if it’s of huge importance or even appealing to the student body for its implementation. If a bill is not passed the first time, the individual or group has a chance to put it back on the table for the Senate to debate. However a bill can only be debated up to three times. Typically when a bill is debated, the Senate will make amendments to the bill so it can be passed, this type of bill is now denoted as passed with amendments. Finally a bill can also be tabled, when a bill is tabled it means it is being postponed for later consideration.

Contact Information

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Phone: (510) 642-1431