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Found in 1994 by a group of students from the Berkeley, which has the original intentions in the business community, with a vision of establishing a more social organization, the Asian American Association serves the non-business Asian American community within the Berkeley community. Hosting various events with an extensive family system to embrace the social aspect of the prestigious academic community, AAA strives to provide a space for members to personally and professionally grow, establish leadership, and discover unknown aspects of the Asian community. Composed of a Cabinet with Chairs and Officers, AAA provides a structured organization to represent the social community of the Asian community through its Community Service, Historian, Internal Relations, Issues, Social, and Technology committees. AAA hosts various events including bi-annual Game Nights, Casino Nights, and family outings to incorporate social mixers within the Asian American community.

Contact Information

Berkeley AAA website:

AAA Spring 2014 President Email:

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