Berkeley Biology Scholars Program

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General Description

The University of California, Berkeley--the #1 ranked public university in the world--attracts a plethora of applicants who’s profile’s consistently include high GPAs, high SAT’s scores and high ACT scores. Test scores, however, is only part of the admissions evaluation process. A holistic review is made to evaluate whether admissions will be granted to an individual student that accounts all aspects of a well-balanced student. One organization on campus that encourages this holistic focus is the Biology Scholars Program (BSP). BSP is dedicated to aid perpetuate the life of students who are committed to the biological and physical sciences who might otherwise be discouraged by the startling statics that face them. Any student admitted to the UC Berkeley undergraduate program expressing an interest in the biological sciences is qualified to join BSP. One of BSP's main goal is to dispel myths about who can and should do science. These include students who are but not limited to low-income backgrounds, minorities, and/or the first in their family to attend college. Over the past 20 years, of the 2080 BSP graduates, 60% have been underrepresented minorities (African American, Hispanic, and American Indian) and 70% women. Using an application process and invited interviews, BSP looks for applicants who posses attributes such as ambition a true passion of the sciences, determination and building community. BSP provides the key to allow students to open up pathways of tremendous opportunity with hard work that will allow them to develop into leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers. The Biology Scholars Program is conducted under the direction of John Matsui, who is currently BSP’s Director and co-founder.


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