Bowles Hall

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Bowles Hall, the only all-male dorm in UC Berkeley, was established in 1928 making it the oldest dorm in all of Berkeley. Mary Bowles helped pay for the construction of Bowles Hall in honor of her late husband, Phillip Bowles. It is said that Phillip Bowles only had three loves: Horticulture, horses, and the University of California. In 1989, Bowles Hall was marked as a Berkeley landmark by the U.S. national register of historic places. Interestingly, Bowles Hall was built on top of the Heyward Fault. Bowles Hall consists of eight levels made up of multiple two-room suites with a common room in between the two rooms. Traditions from past residents of Bowles Hall still continue to be practiced to this day. One popular tradition is Serenade, where residents of Bowles Hall sing to the residents of the all-girl Stern dorms.


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