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CalSERVE, also known as the Cal Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Equation, is a coalition of progressive students and student organizations that continues to make change on campus and in the world.


Founded in 1984, this multicultural student coalition represents the Pilipino, Latino, black, queer, progressive API, environmental, and transfer student communities at Cal. CalSERVE was successful in pressuring the UC administration to divest from apartheid and in electing Pedro Noguera - now a distinguished professor of education at New York University - as the first black President of the ASUC from 1984 to 1986.

From the startup, this organization has fought for positive change, and it constantly fights for access, representation, and social, environmental, and racial justice, using the resources of the ASUC and progressive values of the student body to make their goals a reality. CalSERVE found success in running the first openly gay candidates for the ASUC Senate. Additionally, during the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the organization fought to end discriminatory anti-Asian student admissions policies. In 2008, CalSERVE aided in coordinating the successful “Count Me In” campaign, which supported the disaggregation of the “Asian-American” category on admissions documents, which resulted in the creation of ten or more Asian categories. Furthermore, on a higher and national level, this group spearheaded a campaign to register over 10,000 students to vote in 2008 presidential election that elected Barack Obama. Other successes that the CalSERVE brought about include: establishing longer business hours on Telegraph, creating accessible and gender neutral bathrooms in campus buildings, and supporting the $750,000 funding from the university towards the Lower Sproul Redevelopment.