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The Cal Running Club is Registered Student Organization at the University of California, Berkeley concerned with running. It is open to anyone affiliated with the UC Berkeley community; however, only "active" members (defined as currently registered students, faculty, and staff) who attend Running Club at least once a week are allowed to vote and hold office positions. The club has anti-hazing and open accessibility policy in its constitution. The officer team holds officer meetings at least once a month to plan out running schedules and team social events.


The club meets every weekday and Saturday morning for group runs, typically regardless of the weather. On weekdays the club meets at 5:30 PM during Daylight Savings Time (Mid-March thru mid-November) and at 4:30 otherwise; on Saturdays it meets at 9:30 AM. The group always meets at Kroeber Fountain, at the intersection of Bancroft and College.

Most runs are between three and five miles, although some are shorter and many have extensions for participants to go further. The club strives to be open enough so that individuals new to running and seasoned athletes both will find a home in Cal Running Club. Some examples of runs include trips to the benches on the UC firetrails overlooking the strawberry canyon area; down Channing and Addison to the Berkeley Marina; and through Northside to Solano, Indian Rock, or the Berkeley Rose Garden. Saturday runs are typically longer than weekday runs, and members utilize these runs as training for half marathons or longer distance events.

The Cal Running Club is not a competitive team; however, it frequently organizes for its members to register for area distances races, notably 10Ks, half marathons, and full marathons. The club arranges for groups to attend typically two to three races per semester and is sometimes offered discounts to register.


The group only has two official rules: iPods and other MP3 players are banned, and that everyone should have fun! iPods are forbidden because not being able to hear one's surroundings while running is a safety risk; additionally, most runs are at conversational pace and participants like to talk during runs. The group charges no membership fees and operates without much financial resources. As such, group does not subsidize member's participation in races.


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