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Contact Information

Rosemary Hua, Co-Founder Joshua Wong, President Email: empathyfxinternational@gmail.com Website: empathyfx.org


Founded in 2009 by Rosemary Hua and Nana Aggrey-fynn, Empathy FX International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is also a cross-cultural partnership that strives to alleviate global poverty by creating easy access to high quality education. Its core values include cultural collaboration, empowerment, inclusivity, and integrity.

Students apply twice a year, during winter and spring break, to volunteer to help build schools and raise medical awareness in Ghana. In the school-building program, students go to the worksite on the weekdays and help the Ghanaians build the school. The medical program includes shadowing doctors and nurses and providing medical shots for malaria and Hepatitis B. Both programs include living in homestays where families cook home-cooked meals. In addition to helping the less unfortunate, volunteers also have the chance to go on excursions during the weekends, which include exploring different aspects of Ghana and also learning the Ghanaian language.

Empathy FX International was founded on the goal of providing skill sets to members of society through access to quality education. The founders hoped that the gift of education would enable individuals to take personal and community leadership, advocate for gender equity and result in the reduction of poverty. So far, Empathy FX International has built three schools that serve over 55 students on a daily basis. The organization raises funds through apparel fundraisers, charity runs, and other events. Its vision is to build a school within a 10-mile radius.


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