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Built in 1971 by Gardner A. Dailey and named after Griffith C. Evans, the chairman of mathematics from 1934 to 1949, Evans Hall is the statistics, economics, and mathematics building at the University of California, Berkeley.

Aesthetics/More Information

Located at the northeast corner of campus, Evans Hall sports a blue-green exterior with orange-red designs since its renovation in the 1990s. With a large number of windowless classrooms mostly used for mathematics and other courses’ discussions, Evans Hall was voted as one of the ugliest buildings in UC Berkeley by not only its student body, but also by the Chronicle of Higher Education, a national university newspaper and website. With math related murals painted inside the building in protest against its aesthetics, this building has been engaging debates upon its redesigning project. Alongside its unappealing physical appearance, Evans Hall also experienced issues of rusts in its frame, large pieces of concrete falling down the face of the building, and repairs costing up to two million dollars. A number of students, throughout the history of UC Berkeley, have committed suicide at Evans Hall, usually jumping off the higher floors. Evans Hall has established an image of a “haunted building” with various rumors and legends regarding the safety. In addition, the basement of the building consists of computing facilities often referred to as “The Dungeon.” Various printers are named with underworld overtones such as the Styx, Cerberus, and Charon, as well as the Unaprinter, which refers to a rumor about Ted Kaczynski, a professor who is believed to have taught in Evans Hall and later became an environmental terrorist.

Contact Information

Berkeley Mathematics Department: http://math.berkeley.edu/

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