Fruit Cocktail

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An often over-looked invention that was created at the University of California, Berkeley is the fruit cocktail. William Cruess, a graduate of UC Berkeley, and Herbert Gray of the Barron-Gray Packing Company have been credited with this invention. William Cruess cofounded this field food science while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and establishing the technology of fruit dehydration. Cruess singlehandedly improved outlets for dried and dehydrated fruits by developing their usage in fruit beverages, syrups, and concentrations.

The fruit cocktail is often sold canned and can be found practically anywhere. Whether it is a product at a school cafeteria or made fresh, the fruit cocktail has remained a prevalent part of people’s daily lives. This serving acquired the “cocktail” part of its name as it is an appetizer made by combining pieces of fruit. William Cruess’ work as a professor, food technologist, and chair of the “Division of Fruit Productions” at Berkeley gives yet another accomplishment to add on to the university's list of successes.