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The Walter A. Haas School of Business building opened in 1995, after three years of construction. Located on the southeastern part of the UC Berkeley campus, the building comprises approximately 200,000 square feet. It cost $55 million to build, but building was all financed through private donations. The building was designed by highly successful architect Charles Moore, who had previously served on the chair of Berkeley’s Department of Architecture. The Haas building is like its own campus within the greater UC Berkeley campus because it includes three connected buildings surrounding a central courtyard. The three parts of the building include space for the faculty wing, student services wing, and classroom wing. Architect Charles Moore explains that the reason behind his decisions to design connected buildings was the foster a sense of community amongst the people at Walter A. Haas School of Business.

The Haas building gives off a modern appeal that conveys the sense of an innovative atmosphere. Inside the Walter A. Haas building, students will find a career center, business and economics library, café, and computer lab. The building is equipped with up-to-date technology with features such as installed video cameras that have the ability to webcast live, computer and internet access through the Haas server, and wireless computing services.

In the near future, the Walter A. Haas School of Business looks into expanding its campus by constructing a 65,000 square feet building. This proposal will most likely enable it to increase the enrollment size for its full-time MBA program. This development plan will cost approximately $50 million, but the dean of Walter A. Haas School of Business states that the school is already on its way to meeting this goal. Haas also plans to work with the Berkeley School of Law in order to expand its facilities by developing new common buildings with Boat Law.

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