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Hackers at Berkeley is an organization that promotes the hacker culture at Berkeley. It strives to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of each individual members in all academic fields, particularly in software engineering, and to advance the art of ethical software development.

General Information

Hackers at Berkeley is an organization created for students who are truly interested in Computer Science and hacking. Members of Hackers at Berkeley pursue many different majors at Cal aside from Computer Science (CS). While most of the members are studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and CS, there are a group of members who are pursuing other engineering and scientific fields as well.

Hackers at Berkeley holds both events and hacks during the Fall and Spring semesters. The organization holds various events weekly in Soda Hall, including workshops in topics such as JavaScript, Twilio, Vim, and web development. The workshops are meant to help beginner-level hackers gain knowledge about various aspects of computer science. In additional to academically focused workshops, they also hold social events such as Occupy Woz and Capture the Flag, which provide members a chance to interact with each other and make personal connections with students who share the same interests.

Hackers at Berkeley holds numerous hacks during the school year. Some of the bigger and more famous hacks include BearHack and Hackjam. Hackjam is a low pressure, friendly hackathon for beginning hackers, while BearHack is for anyone who is interested in hacking. Hacks usually take place in Wozniak lounge in Soda Hall, and they range from 12 hours for short hacks and 48 hours for long hacks. Food and drinks are always provided during hacks and students can participate in them as an individual or as a group.


Hacker at Berkeley is run by a group of volunteers who serve as officers. The organization do not have a hierarchy, nor do they hold elections. Anyone who wishes to become an officer can become one.


Brian Harvey, a retired Computer Science professor at University of California, Berkeley shares his thoughts about computer hackers: <A “computer hacker”, then, is someone who lives and breathes computers, who knows all about computers, who can get a computer to do anything. Equally important, though, is the hacker's attitude. Computer programming must be a hobby, something done for fun, not out of a sense of duty or for the money… A hacker is an aesthete.>

Contact Information

Website: http://hackersatberkeley.com/home Email: team@hackersatberkeley.edu Events/Sponsorships: ir@hackersatberkeley.edu


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