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Contact Information

1. Address: 102 Hearst Gym, Monday - Friday, 10:00AM - 4:00 PM

2. Number: 510-642-5171

3. Email: lead@berkeley.edu

4. Website: http://lead.berkeley.edu/


If you ever want to get involved in the leadership activities at Cal, the first organizations that cross your mind are none other than the ASUC and the LEAD Center. The Leadership, Engagement, Advising, and Development (LEAD) Center -- a department of the ASUC Auxiliary -- is the University of California, Berkeley’s hub for student involvement. Here, students not only get co-curricular and leadership advising, but also are able to find tons of leadership opportunities provided by the various student organizations at Cal. The LEAD Center’s mission is to “Advise and empower individuals, student organizations, student government, and campus communities to enhance the co-curricular experience at Berkeley.” Some of the LEAD Center’s area of expertise include: Advising and guidance on leadership development, event planning, and organizational management, funding, organizational growth and development, and last but not least, navigating the University. Through the LEAD Center, students are able to find an organization to join, manage the organizations they are already involved in, as well as start their own organization!

Not only does the LEAD Center provide you with various leadership opportunities, it also holds classes for leadership development. The mission of the leadership development sector of the LEAD Center is to “guide the learning journey of students as they explore leadership and social change in their communities. Leadership Development offers students programs, classes, mentoring, and social change opportunities to hone their leadership skills while engaging in the campus experience.” Through the Cal Facilitation Team, student organizations around campus are able to request leadership workshops specifically tailored towards the members’ particular needs in different organizations. The workshops are free for all student organizations at Cal.

One more last and most important thing to mention about the LEAD Center is the Leadership Symposium that takes place annually at Cal. LEAD Center’s leadership Symposium offers students the chance to explore one’s own leadership style while building upon new and existing leadership skills. At the symposium students can engage with and learn from faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and other students. This event is free for all enthusiastic students at Cal.

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