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Title: A bill in awareness of the crisis in North Korea
Authors: Katherine Chung (Senator, ASUC), Nicholas Do (Director, Office of Senator Katherine Chung)
Sponsors: Katherine Chung (Senator, ASUC), Justin Kong (Senator, ASUC), Emily Truax (Senator, ASUC), Safeena Leila Mecklai  (External Affairs Vice President, ASUC), Griffin Mori-Tornheim (External Coordinator, LiNK)
This specific bill was created in order to create awareness of the crisis in North Korea through the club Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). The club is a human rights NGO based in Torrence, CA. Its mission is to “raise awareness of the North Korean human rights crisis and fundraise to provide emergency relief and resettlement funds to NK Refugees.”  Through this bill, the organization urges the Associated Students of the University of California to alert the community about “recognizing the need to reevaluate the policy on North Korea and pay heed to the pressing humanitarian and human rights emergency that is currently taking place in North Korea.”  In addition, the bill requires the ASUC External Affairs Vice President’s International Office to work collaboratively with the University of California, Berkeley’s student organization, LiNK, to host a campaign and/or a discussion panel centered on raising awareness against the crisis in North Korea.
Related topics: Bills, Liberty in North Korea, raising awareness
Resources: http://asuc.org, https://www.facebook.com/linkcalrescueteam/info

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