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UC Berkeley is famous for its many historical campus landmarks from Sather Gate to the Freedom Movement Café; however, none serves a more vital role in student engagements that UC Berkeley’s own Sproul Plaza. Sproul Plaza is located in south side of UC Berkeley where it is divided up into two sections: Upper Sproul, which primarily houses Sproul hall (the building of admissions) and the Golden Bears Café, and Lower Sproul which occupies 3 buildings owned by the ASUC, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union, the César E. Chávez Student Center and Zellerbach Hall. Until recently, however, the Lower Sproul Redevelopment program has closed the majority of Lower Sproul with the expectation of the César E. Chávez Student Center to renovate and provide undergraduate and graduate students with a high quality center for students. Eshleman Hall used to act as the 4th building in lower Sproul hall, which housed the ASUC Senate, until it was demolished in the summer of 2013, after being the being deemed unfit and outdated. Eshleman Hall will be replaced by a new building, which is scheduled for completion in Fall 2015. This opportunity to revitalize Lower Sproul offers a unique opportunity to redefine what it mean to congregate, socialize and work as a Berkeley student. The plan is for students to use the facility for practice and performance space as well as be equipped to serve as multifunctional rooms. The total project Lower Sproul Revitalization budget is $223 million, however more than 50% of the Lower Sproul redevelopment project was funded by the Bringing Energy and Revitalization of Sproul (B.E.A.R.S) student fee initiative, passed by student referendum in Spring 2010. The student fee provides $124M and the Chancellor committed up to $99M. The project is expected to be phase as it is anticipated that the demolition and replacement of Eshleman Hall will be Phase 1, starting in the Spring of 2013 and continuing until Spring 2015. Construction of Phase 2 redesigning the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union, the César E. Chávez Student Center and Anthony Hall is anticipated to take place between 2015- 2017.