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In August 2012, the Maximino Martinez Commons opened its doors for the first time for students to live in. This housing complex was developed because of an increased demand for university housing from continuing students. This latest addition to university housing is named after Maximino Martinez, a former student affairs staff member who advocated for higher education for underrepresented students.

Martinez Commons is a 142,000 square feet university housing located two blocks away from campus that offers both residence hall and apartment style housing for students. The complex also includes study rooms, social lounges, academic centers with tutoring and computer support, laundry rooms, a fitness center, and bike storage. Upperclassmen, primarily incoming sophomores, get priority for housing at Martinez Commons. Note that while financial aid through the school covers residence hall fees, apartments are considered off-campus and therefore do not qualify.

There are approximately 416 students living in Martinez each year. In the residence halls, there are 98 double-occupancy rooms, showers and toilets on each floor, and common area with kitchenette. As of the 2014-15 school year, double occupancy residence hall rooms are $14, 812 for a school year. Standard meal plans are included in this payment.

Apartment style housing at Martinez are made up of all single sex, single occupancy apartments. There are 47 four-bedroom and five five-bedroom apartments. 14 of the four-bedroom apartments are single story, while 38 are two stories. There are also three apartments that are specifically for those with hearing impairments. As of the 2014-15 school year, apartments at Martinez Commons are $10,366 for a school year. Meal plans are not included in this payment.

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