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Contact Information

1. Address:

University of California Student Learning Center César E. Chávez Student Center Berkeley, CA 94720-4260

2. Number: 510-642-7332

3. Email: Staff contact list

4. Website:


On September 30, 2012, an article entitled “Student Learning Center to be Open 24 Hours” appeared in The Daily Californian. According to the article, starting from Monday, October 1, 2012, the Student Learning Center (SLC) will be open as a study hall 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the next three academic years. Discussions to expand the hours began in Spring 2012 with members of the Office of the ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President. “This is a great opportunity for students to enhance their ability to learn and work in groups,” said ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President Natalie Gavello. “We come to Cal to study, so having various dynamic studying environments is a priority.”

As we can see from the news article above, the SLC definitely plays a very important role in the students’ academic life at Cal, and ASUC’s involvement is crucial to the success and development of the SLC. Because of the strong supports from the ASUC and the SLC, students at Cal are able to engage in a more dynamic and supportive learning environment. However, here comes the question. Exactly what about the SLC is making it so important in a student’s academic life? Here are the answers.

The SLC is the place in Berkeley campus where a majority of the tutoring in different subject areas is held. Even though various major-related clubs around campus also offer tutoring sessions for some major-related classes, the SLC is unique in that it provides tutoring in extensive subject areas, ranging from writing, social sciences, to math and statistics, and it also has its own experienced tutors paid to teach the students. The SLC is free to any Berkeley students.

According to the SLC website, the core purpose of SLC is to “support a global community of learners as they transition into the academic and cultural environment of Cal; facilitates students’ translation of the university's ways of knowing, academic practices and structures; enlivens students’ understanding of the power and possibilities of their intellectual ideas; and encourages students to embrace and apply multiple epistemologies.” The SLC employs 18 professional staff with Disciplinary Expertise, 250-300 undergraduate peer tutors and 20 graduate student instructors. The formats of service includes: study groups, topical workshops, by-appointment tutoring, drop-in tutoring and individual tutoring.

Last but not least, the SLC also has a program known as the “SLC International Student Program” tailored especially for international students at Cal. Their services include topical workshops designed to meet the academic needs of international students. They also provide referral services to facilitate access to campus resources catered to international students. The Coordinator at SLC is also available to meet with students to hear their needs and assist them in navigating their experiences at Cal.

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