Stern Residence Hall

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Stern Hall is UC Berkeley’s all-female residence hall located on the northeast side of campus.


Stern Hall was donated to the University housing system in 1942. Due to early restrictions on community accommodations based on ethnicity, Rosalie Meyer Stern wanted to provide housing for women from all backgrounds. In 1959, a new wing was added to accommodate for more students. Stern Hall has a number of notable features such as an original Diego Rivera mural entitled "Still Life and Blossoming Almond Trees", which is located at the bottom of the spiral staircase leading off from the main lounge, and a painting of Rosalie Meyer Stern hangs in the Stern Library. The library itself contains a valuable collection of French literature, donated by a member of the Stern family.


  • An annual setup dinner and dance, where the ladies of Stern and the men of Bowles Residence Hall are randomly paired up to enjoy a catered, semi-formal dinner and dance.
  • A Senior Dinner is held for all graduating seniors residing in Stern. Seniors receive a small farewell gift, and take a customary picture together. Usually the dinner is catered by the dining commons, and often there are open spots for non-seniors as well.