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The Student Financial Advisory Committee (SFAC) is a student organization at UC Berkeley that manages the Credit Union for Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff (CUBS). SFAC is a diverse organization made up of approximately 20 students of various ages, majors, and backgrounds. SFAC recruits new members at the beginning of every semester. SFAC interns work in specific committees such as public relations, human resources, and marketing. Interns have access to mentorship from current members and alumni as well as professional development workshops. They also have the opportunity to intern at the Credit Union for Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff (CUBS) in roles such as loans, finance, accounting, I.T., teller training, and operations. CUBS in the only financial institution that is on campus. There are many fee-free CUBS ATM machines all over campus: Moffitt Library, I-House, Foothill Dining Commons, and the Den/Peet’s Coffee. Due to the construction on Lower Sproul, however, the on-campus CUBS branch is currently unavailable.

The following is an interview with two SFAC members:

Cyndie Chin, Vice President of Operations “Like any other freshman, I joined multiple clubs at Cal my first year because I wanted to find a club that can help me develop professionally, but also a club that I felt like I belonged in, a second home away from home. I'm very fortunate in that SFAC has fulfilled both of those requirements; it is a club that I will never want to leave until I graduate.”

Nick Wu, Human Resources Director “SFAC is everything you could want from Berkeley rolled up into one tight-knit club: professional development from resumes to mentorship, life-long friends to finish that bucket list with, and real experience working with a credit union. On top of all that, learn incredibly useful financial skills such as evaluating health insurance plans, budgeting, personal investing, and so much more.”

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