The Student Alumni Relations Council (SARC)

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University of California - Berkeley is fortunate to have a strong and active alumni group, the Cal Alumni Association. Whether due to bear pride, strong memories, or a solid education, many of the lovely members in the CAA enjoy giving back to their school and have much to offer current students. The Student Alumni Relations Council is an organization within The Leadership, Engagement, Advising, and Development (LEAD) Center that maintains good communication and relations with the CAA. SARC is also overseen and advised by the CAA, with operational support from the University Relations. Many other entities are also involved in SARC and its events, including the ASUC Office of the President, Cal Greeks, Leadership Award Scholars Association, Senior Gift Committee, and UC Rally Committee.

Mission Goal

SARC’s mission statement is to emulate the dedication of the alumni community, in hopes of inspiring the student body as a whole with determination and school pride. They accomplish this through communication efforts and hosting events involving alumni. According to the CAA’s comments regarding SARC, their eventual goal is to “promote a lifelong relationship between future alumni among us and our University so that Cal may remain as excellent as it has in the past.”

Events and Special Dates

SARC is perhaps most involved during the annual Homecoming week events. CAA and SARC hold Legacy Night, which brings student leaders and Cal alumni together with food and musical performances in a comfortable and nostalgic setting. Other events include Cal Philanthropy Day, which takes place annually on the day that classes would end if donors from Cal alumni did not give back to the university (usually some time in mid-fall). SARC members raise awareness of these contributions by placing posters and signs all around campus.

SARC Today

However, the Student Alumni Relations Council is currently no longer operating due to a lack of funding. The group functioned on a portion of the funds from a four hundred thousand dollar annual grant to the LEAD Center. The grant, which must be renewed on a yearly basis, was not approved in 2012, causing SARC to dissolve. There are ongoing efforts to refund the council, such as those in the Office of ASUC Senator Quinn Shen.

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