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Contact Information

1. James Frederick: james.frederick@berkeley.edu

2. Sophie Schloen: sschloen@gmail.com

3. Website: http://uicberkeley.wordpress.com/


Unity in Christ groups are college-based movements working for transformational Church unity on college campuses and in surrounding areas. Currently, UIC groups are located at UC Berkeley (Cal), UC Davis, and San Jose State University (SJSU). Unity in Christ is a Christian inter-fellowship group part of UC Berkeley’s campus. Their purpose is to “promote unity of Christians on campus, empower one another in prayer, service, and evangelism, and provide support for new students seeking churches and Christian fellowship.” They meet every Tuesday from 5-6PM in Dwinelle (subject to change every semester). All Christian and Catholic fellowships are welcome. During meetings, UiC serves as a forum community where representatives of fellowships can share information, talents, and ideas to provide encouragement, offer and receive prayer, learn about and publicize each other’s events, prepare large-scale events, and work towards building greater unity and knowledge of the diversity of the body of Christ. Some large scale events they hold include but do not limit to Jesus at Berkeley, Interpraise Worship Night and 72-hour Prayer in Berkeley.

On November 12, 2013, UiC held an event titled “Inter-praise” where people from all Christian student organizations at UC Berkeley came together to worship God at one place at one time in Newman Hall. Worship was led by an inter-fellowship band followed by a message spoken by Pastor Benjamin Robinson from Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville. The theme was Jesus’ unconditional and incarnate love. Projects such as these and many others are led by UiC and encourage unity in Christ.

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