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“Your Campus Academic Resources” is a Facebook page that provides UC Berkeley students with information about academic resources and leadership opportunities.


“Your Campus Academic Resources” was created on October 29, 2013 to provide UC Berkeley students with readily available academic resources. Sonia Koroleva, from the AAVP Publicity team, explains that this page “will provide information to students about campus resources like study spaces, academic policy, student opportunities, and AAVP office projects/events.” “Your Campus Academic Resources” also promotes various events and programs that take place in the AAVP in order for the students on campus to be able to take full advantage of the numerous resources that can help them with their academic endeavors.

Since its launch date, “Your Campus Academic Resources” has already provided students with information about tutoring offers from the Student Learning Center (SLC), internship and job opportunities, work study, campus events such as volunteer sessions to TEDTalks, health and wellness tips, graduate school advice, AAVP grants, and campus opportunities.

Academic Affairs Vice President for the 2013-2014 school year, Valerie Jameson, explains, “The Facebook page "Your Campus Academic Resources" is a newly initiated project that began last semester. The idea behind it was to have a social media platform to publicize different campus resources and opportunities. The rationale behind the title is to allow for continual use of the page not only within my term but also amongst future AAVP's. In the past candidates who have been elected would only create Facebook pages or blogs pertaining to their term. This means that the potential impact to the general student body remains within a silo of direct personal networks. However, if this is a page that is given the continual investment necessary then it will be able to grow to have a larger base of students that can benefit from this small service.”

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Contact Information

Point Person: Valerie Jameson, Sonia Koroleva, Bridget Yamzon

Address: 114C Hearst, Berkeley, CA 94720


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