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AAVP Grants is a program that funds students for their projects. There are 5 five AAVP grants: Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF), Educational Enhancement Fund (EEF), Intellectual Community Fund (ICF), Multicultural Fund (MCF), and Public Service Fund (PSF).


Any UC Berkeley student, either undergraduate or graduate, and any faculty is eligible for the grants.

Application Procedure

1. Fill out online application form 2. Register for an interview 3. After receiving the award, fill out the Purchase Request Form and provide receiptsw - There are 10 people reviewing all Grants applications. Grants officers need to present the allocation summary to senators and coordinators, who make the decisions. This takes at least 2 weeks for response.

Grants' Publicity

Publications are in forms of flyers, posters, chalkboard-advertising, and workshops.

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