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As the chief representative of the ASUC, the ASUC President defends the needs and interests of the student body. Students working in the Office of the President should expect to work on a wide range of issues, ranging from sexual assault and student safety policy to the Lower Sproul Redevelopment project to public higher education policy and student health. The current ASUC president is DeeJay Pepito. She ran under three platforms: making campus safety a priority, uniting behind public education, and making sure administrators work for the students. She is trying to create a special task force that will create a campus reporting system and help increases the resources available for survivors of sexual assault. She is also working on forming a Chancellor’s advisory committee on women’s issues so that women are represented on campus adequately. She is currently working on establishing a council that will talk with the presidents of other UCs, Cal States, and community colleges to create one voice that represents them all. She is trying to create a new precedent for the student’s relationship with the chancellor. She will host open forums to regarding decisions that impact student life. She wants to ensure students that their community is supported during the transitions currently taking place at Berkeley.