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Anna Head Alumnae Hall is a UC-owned building located at 2537 Haste St. in the Southside neighborhood of Berkeley. It is a brown-shingle structure that covers roughly 2,650 square feet (1). It is adjacent to the Maximino Martinez Common Housing complex (which, at one point, was referred to as the Anna Head residence hall). The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (2).

The Anna Head Alumnae hall is the home of ASUC general meetings every Wednesday night at 8:00.


Originally built in 1927, the building was a part of the Anna Head School Complex, a private institute of lower education founded in 1887 by Anna Head. Roughly a quarter century after the Anna Head School's opening, there was a need for a new gathering place for daily assemblies. Thus, Anna Head Alumnae Hall was built, known then as the "Chapel." The school employed the building for "dances, plays, and concerts," and the building was a center of activity for the school (4). In 1955 UC Berkeley assumed control of Anna Head property, including the Alumnae Hall, as the school moved to the Oakland Hills (5). UC Berkeley initially slated the property, including Anna Head Alumnae Hall, to be demolished in favor of new parking structure. After the cancelation of this project UC utilized the building as a child care center for many years before opening it up to be designated, once again, as a meeting space (4). In July 2013, the UC Berkeley finished a renovation project (3), opening the building up for usage as an assembly hall.


The interior of Anna Head Alumnae Hall can seat 176 individuals in a banquet formation and 378 individuals in a lecture format, per legal fire code (1). The building's stage has a size of 760 square feet. A courtyard outside is equipped with automatic lighting. The building and its grounds can be rented through ASUC Auxiliary Event Services and is equipped with AirBears wifi signal (2). Rental prices range from $250 for a half day for signatories of registered groups to $650 for campus departments over four hours (1). Anna Head Alumnae has been designated a Commercial Activity Space by ASUC Bill 28 from Fall 2012 (1).

Contact Information

2537 Haste St., Berkeley, CA 94720

ASUC Event Services:

102 Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 642-1141


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