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Berkeley Chinese People Union (also referred to as Berkeley CPU) is a student organization that was founded in 2003. The goal of the union is to create a family-like atmosphere for all the mainland Chinese undergraduate students studying in Berkeley. The organization currently has nearly 300 members and 30 staff. The organization has general meetings every Friday at 7:30 pm. Every general meeting has its own special events which are designed to tighten the bonding between members.


Every year Chinese People Union has several regular events. One of these events is the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) gala, which is held annually on the Sunday right before or after the date of the Chinese New Year. All the performances in the gala are prepared by the members of the organization. An array of performances can be found in the gala, including dancing, singing, crosstalk, and magic. Additionally, the Chinese People Union invites other student organizations on campus to perform together in the gala. The Spring Festival Gala in 2014 featured a performance from the AFX dance group.

Another annual event of Chinese People Union is the Karaoke Contest, commonly shortened to KCon. It is a contest held every fall semester for students who love to sing and who want to make new friends with similar interests. The contest usually includes four rounds, in which the contestants must compete with others 1 vs. 1 to win. In the final round, besides singing on their own, contestants are paired up to sing antiphonally. The contest has five judges, but the viewers can also vote for their favorite singers through text message. The winner of the Karaoke Contest receives discounts at certain restaurants, as well as recording his or her own CD with the help of Chinese People Union technology staff.

Chinese People Union also holds one day trips regularly where members can visit scenic spots near Berkeley together. Usually the trip involves a barbeque and various bonding games and activities. This is considered one of the best ways to enhance the relationship between the members.