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The Berkeley Project is a mission to host large scale community service events that engage thousands of Cal students in community service around Berkeley and create a culture of helping in students. The official goals are to: 1. Serve the needs of Berkeley and its residents, and 2. Forge a positive relationship between the campus and the community. Core leader Christine Ho explains, “Our mission is to bridge the gap between the community and the students of UC Berkeley whose sometimes think we live in this bubble of world we live in, students aren’t always mindful of larger word. That’s our belief that this community service will initiate the forge a bond between the community and students.”


The Project was co-founded in April 2006 by Andrew Rowland and Peter Do, modeling the idea of “The Detroit Partnership” from the University of Michigan. The first event was Berkeley Project Day on November 11th 2006. Despite a forecast of heavy rain and a possible t-shirt shortage, the project was considered a huge success as hundreds of students choose to make a trip in spite of the possible difficulties.


Berkeley Project Day: In each Fall, 2,000 Berkeley students meet on Sproul Plaza and are sent in and around Berkeley from 8 am to 3-4 pm, closing with an after event to celebrate the volunteer’s hard work. Berkeley Project Month: In the Spring Semester, community service events on the last three Saturdays before Spring Break involve about 100 volunteers sent around Berkeley.

Project Leadership: CORE

CORE is the leadership behind the Berkeley Project, together they plan the sites and logistics of the Berkeley Project to make sure everything goes smoothly. The CORE leadership is divided into several branches: 1. Event Planning: Makes the plan of what volunteers will on site 2. Volunteer: In charge of volunteers of the particular event, provides food and supplies 3. Web: Computer support and other technological aspects of the operations 4. Finance: Accounting funds that help sustain the Berkeley Project 5. Recruiting: Generating interests for potential future Berkeley Project members 6. Special Events: In charge of the speakers and performances before and after the event 7. Site Planning: In charge of choosing sites for the next event and making sure everything is in order when the volunteers arrive

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