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Blue & Gold Yearbook is beginning taking senior portrait for all the graduates. You should have already received an email of all the information of senior portrait and how to make appointments online. After making appointment, you can simply go to our office – Hearst Gym 6B – to take your best photos with your favorite clothes. You can choose different sets – some set can allow you to change clothes and to change style which will give you a colorful memory. After taking the photos, you will get them soon within two weeks in your home mailbox. Only some photos are not enough for your 4 year college life. Then, you should get our fancy and wonderful yearbook! You can find your own senior portrait there and all your friends there also. More importantly, we help you to record all the important events happened in your period. All the photos of events were taken by professional photographers and they would definitely bring you an excellent view of your college life. Simply order on Blue & Gold Yearbook website, and we will ship to you after your graduation. Such a yearbook is a good conclusion of your college years. After your graduation, you can point at some photos and tell your friends and parents what you did at school. Several years later, when you do not see someone after long time, their senior portraits can let you easily remember how they were when they were in the university.