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In 2003, the ASUC Senate cut funding for the DeCal Program, which took a significant toll on Democratic Educational at Cal. As a result, the volunteer-based and student led DeCal Board was established as a way to support DeCal courses and provide advocacy for the program. By 2004, the DeCal Board helped bring back ASUC funding for the DeCal Program.The DeCal Board is in charge of managing the DeCal website, which lists all of the DeCal courses available each semester. The board helps DeCal course student facilitators receive funding, fill out paperwork, gain publicity, and initiate academic dialogue on education; the board also hosts workshops for facilitators. At the end of each semester, the DeCal Board also hosts banquets for DeCal facilitators.

The following are from an interview with the two current Co-Presidents of DeCal Board:

The 2013-2014 DeCal Board Co-President Emmelyn Hsieh describes, “In the past four semesters, I've seen the DeCal Board grow into a student organization that has developed an even greater presence on the UC Berkeley Campus and within the DeCal Program. All the Board members have worked tirelessly to come up with new ideas to get our name out there and to advertise how much we do for DeCal, and we've been getting amazing feedback and building long lasting relationships with our peers that only increase our dedication and persistence even more. I'm proud of how team-oriented this group of students has become and what they've been able to accomplish, and I only hope that as a leader I've been able to inspire them to continue the legacy of the DeCal Board even after I graduate.”

2013-2014 DeCal Board Co-President Chung Han Lee started out as a facilitator for the Taiwanese language DeCal course in his freshmen year and joined DeCal Board by his sophomore year in 2011. He says, “I started out as a part of the marketing committee on the Board, and led a survey project examining the role of DeCal Board and how facilitators see us. After becoming the Vice President, I also proposed the idea of the DeCal Expo and worked with the Co-Presidents at that time to set it up. The Board has become much more active compared to two years ago. We used to only have facilitator orientation and facilitator banquet as the major Board event. It is exciting that last year, we created the outreach committee to further the involvement of the Board within the DeCal community." In the future, Chung envisions the DeCal Program to continue on strongly. He states, “Berkeley is the place where DeCal was born, and should remain as the powerhouse that pushes this movement forward. The DeCal Board should be THE organization facilitating this process and serving as the place where people go to when they want to know more about DeCal Program or are thinking about starting one."

Contact Information

Phone Number: (510) 642-9127


Address: 112 Hearst Gym Station 15



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