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Edwards Stadium is an athletic stadium on the UC Berkeley campus which houses the Edwards Track and the Goldman Field, with a seating capacity of 22,000 (2). Edwards Track is an eight-land, Olympic-class running track for use by the Track and Field team as well as the general public (1). Goldman Field is exclusively used by the Varsity Soccer Teams and no public use is allowed. The complex is located at the southwestern corner of the contiguous campus (1).


The complex was designed by architects Warren C. Perry and George W. Kelham, and was originally opened in 1932 (1). Initially conceived as solely a track stadium, it was the only track-only stadium in the world upon completion. In 1999, Goldman Field was opened on the track’s infield, converting Edwards Stadium into a dual track and soccer stadium. Up until then it remained the oldest track-only stadium in the United States (2). Up to 1977, the track's surface was cinder. After then it was equipped with more modern, all-weather surfaces. The most recent re-fitting of the track came before the 2013 season (2).


A total of 12 world records, 26 American records, and 24 collegiate records have been set at Edwards Stadium. The first record set in the facility was the first 15-foot pole vault, by Dutch Warmerdam in 1940 (2). Edwards Stadium has hosted eight NCAA and Pac-12 (including the league's prior arrangements) championships. It has also hosted other important invitationals, including two USA/USSR dual meets in 1971 and 1978 (2).

Public Usage

While Goldman Field is never open to the public, Edwards Track often is. Typically, open hours run from 7-9 AM, 11:30AM-1:30PM, and from 6-8 PM on weekdays. These hours vary according to Track and Field team usage and special events (3). The current schedule can always be found online (3). During public usage, only lanes 3 through 8 may be used.

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