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General Information

KalX Radio is Berkeley's community and student radio station, licensed to the University of California at Berkeley. It broadcasts at 90.7 FM.


KalX's mission is to create radio programs from and for the UC Berkeley community that can educate and broaden listener's musical experience.


KalX started in 1962 as Radio KAL and broadcasted from Ehrman Hall to dormitories across campus. It relocated to an actual radio station on campus in 1964. It wanted a FCC license to broadcast over airwaves, but Cal Regents would not permit it until 1966. In 1966, the station changed its name to KalX. The program has continued since. It celebrated its 50th year in 2012 and still thrives today.


Kal X’s broadcast range covers most of the San Francisco Bay Area, from as far south as Fremont and Redwood City, to San Rafael and Petaluma in the north, and Oakland, Berkeley, and parts of San Francisco.


1. Music Department: Searches for music for KalX Dj’s to play 2. Music Library: Cares for and adds to the nearly 95,000 piece music collection KalX has amassed. 3. Sports: Voices opinions and news on Cal Sports, responsible for weekly show Bear Talk 4. News: Responsible for daily half hour news programs, covering local, national, and international issues, sports, business, and weather 5. Public Affairs: Allows KalX members and Berkeley community to communicate what they want to see in KalX radio 6. Promotions; Works with local clubs, helps give out free tickets to concerts 7. Publicity: Gets the word out about KalX at annual fundraiser and KalX sponsored events 8. Special Events: Responsible for engineering bands playing live in performance studio or going out to clubs to broadcast live shows 9. Office: Concerned with the central operations of the KalX station 10. DJ: After three months of working in KalX, volunteers are eligible to start DJ-ing and possibly start on shows on KalX

Contact Information

University of California, Berkeley KALX-FM 26 Barrows Hall # 5650 Berkeley, CA 94720-5650 Main number: (510) 642-111 mail@kalx.berkeley.edu

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