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The Peer Review Board is a group of students who reside in the residence halls, and who hear cases relating to community-based residential policy violations. After these hearings, they make a decision about the alleged involvement of a student in violation of residential policy.

Conduct Process

The process begins with a residential staff member reporting a student for potentially violating a residential policy. Unless deemed a more serious issue, the case will typically be heard by the Peer Review Board. PBR is responsible for maintaining the community’s standards by hearing a case, remaining objective, and assigning sanctions to those who are held responsible for a violation.

The hearing process allows the accused student to have the opportunity to review the evidence of his or her involvement in the alleged violation. Once this incident report is read, the student is able to share his or her account of the said incident. The Peer Review Board takes the evidence and personal testimonies into consideration while maintaining an objective standpoint in order to determine whether the student was “responsible” or “not responsible.”


Being a part of an organization such as Peer Review Board gives students valuable first-hand experience by allowing them to work alongside other people who believe in the code of law set forth by the residence halls and who want to work together to ensure it is enforced. Each week the board is able to hear a variety of cases regarding a multitude of policies and types of people.

In addition to hearing cases, often times, the members will have the opportunity to receive leadership training that addresses resume building, interview skills, and organization techniques. Though this organization requires an application process and interview, this one-year commitment allows for the enhancement of many of this campus’s natural leaders. Peer Review Board is more than just an organization; it is an experience that betters the leadership and maturity of its members.


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