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Contact Information

1. Senator Sahil Pandya


Currently, Senator Sahil Pandya is working towards improving the site used by every Cal student known as Telebears. This online tool allows students to register for all of their classes and view their semester schedules. It is a vital aspect to every student attending the University of California, Berkeley as it determines the courses they will be taking to put them on track for graduation.

However, it has come to Senator Pandya’s attention that Telebears is often seen as unreliable, unappealing, and poorly structured with many glitches that make it difficult for students to use. Therefore, committees and initiatives have been set up in order to resolve these issues and establish this site as a reliable resource. Rather than separating all of Cal’s sites such as,, etc. there is a new plan of action to consolidate all of this information into one site. The goal is for students to be able to view all of the resources Cal has to offer in one place so they can have a better idea of what classes to register for.

The plan of action involves using student input and creativity to better the function of Telebears. By holding Hackathons and similar events, students will be able to demonstrate how they want Telebears to be—enhanced, reliable, and efficient. People will be able to utilize their skills and ideas by assembling a new collaborative site to combine the multitude of roles the websites used by Cal students have.