Sexual Assault in Berkeley

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Sexual Assault is any involuntary sexual act in which the other person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage in without their consent. This includes rape and any form of forceful kissing, oral, vaginal and anal sex. Sexual assault is a statutory offense in the United States.


Sexual assault has been evident on the campus of UC Berkeley since 1893. In 1979, an official complaint was launched against the university by a women’s right organization. This was the first time a legal framework was used to fight sexual assault. The sexual assault problem continued to persist through the 90’s. It is a serious problem that has been neglected by the UC administration.

Sexual Assault Protection

Students have started to pressure the administration to make helpful measures for sexual assault victims. An office of assault and discrimination exists which takes such complaints and cases. There is also a separate department within the ASUC, Berkeley’s student run government.

Office of Assault and Discrimination

The office of Assault and Discrimination has a policy statement, which offers a place for students to file official reports about sexual assault. It talks about how the person alleged of committing the act will be given a fair trial and will be innocent until proven guilty. The office gives out definitions that come under sexual assault and various associated terms.

Office of Campus Climate

This is the ASUC office that looks at the conditions of the student body at UC Berkeley. It has a unit responsible for working towards reforming sexual assault policies, procedures and related services. It aims to work with other groups on campus to create more awareness and to better inform students about sexual assault consent. Lastly, it aims to make it easier for victims to be able to file a complaint.