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Y. Charles and Helen Soda Hall was constructed in 1994. It houses the computer science department and is located on the northern side of the UC Berkeley campus, next to Etcheverry Hall. The hall was designed with its “Computer Science residents in mind”, and adheres to the idea that the “building is the computer”. Soda Hall contains seven floors, with 20 teaching and research labs, 12 seminar rooms, a high-tech auditorium, and a division lounge.

Soda Hall seen from Hearst Ave


The building was given a $30 million budget for construction, funded by the Y & H Soda Foundation. The design and construction of Soda Hall was led by Anshen & Allen, Architects in San Francisco (Principal Architects), Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates in New York (Associated Architect), and Ove Arup & Partners in San Francisco (Building Engineering). The architects involved in the construction wanted the building to look “simple, modern”, and “high-tech”, being able to “fit in with surrounding buildings and be ‘gentle’ on the residential neighborhood”. These aesthetics can be seen in the green tiles that cover the building, which was designed to blend in with the greenery of the hillside. The inside was to have a “light, airy feeling” with lots of windows. Each office would have close to a hundred wires where it was easy to add new ones if necessary. 1200 tons of steel went into the building structure, with 350 precast panels of ceramic tile (each weighing up to 22,000 lbs.) forming the building’s skin.


Computer Science Division:

  • Address: 387 Soda Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1776.
  • Phone: 510-642-1042
  • Fax: 510-642-5775
  • Open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time