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The School of Information is located in the historic South Hall. The school of Information is the school’s newest and smallest school however has shown remarkable potential to contribute to the history of this world-class university. South Hall, built in 1873, is the oldest building on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, and currently is the only remaining building of the original campus. South Hall was originally the counterpart of North Hall, which no longer exists, but was located where the Bancroft Library currently stands. North hall was destroyed due to its unsafe facilities. Fun Fact: The first physics laboratory in the United States was hosted in South Hall in 1879. South Hall is located in the center of campus, near the Doe Library and the Campanile (Sather Tower). Its architectural style and spacious hallways create an atmosphere that encourages faculty, students, and staff to mingle and interact with a feeling of nostalgia some argue as “simpler times”. South Hall’s architecture exhibits the stylistic traits of the Second Empire Style, although modified in its decorative detail. The design encompasses a mansard roof is enlivened by banks of dormers with ornamental hood moldings, oiel de boeuf windows, iron cresting, and numerous chimneys and exhaust flues for the former chemistry labs. Campus tour guides often point out a small stone bear in the architecture of South Hall, on the balcony railing above the entrance, in the third circle from the left, claiming it is the smallest bear statue on campus. The primary classroom in South hall is 202 South Hall, also known as the FlexLab, which has reconfigurable tables and chairs and built-in large-screen projectors and audio. The CoLab (110 South Hall) is a flexible space with a lounge area as well as movable tables, chairs, and white boards, to support informal meetings, group work, and individual study. Student lounges and work, spaces on the ground floor support individual and group work.


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