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Student Action is an organization at the University of California, Berkeley that fights to make sure that every student government is accountable to every student, every year.


This group was founded in 1995 by a group of students who were outraged by the incompetence of ASUC leaders and felt that there needed to be more effective student representation. At the time, the ASUC was burdened by a pending lawsuit from the University and had millions of dollars of debt. Since that time, a diverse group of Student Action members have been working exhaustingly to make the ASUC an effective resource for students. Though the members of this organization may have varied opinions, they are united by one common goal: to make student government work for the students and not for itself. By 2004, this organization had expanded into a coalition of three constituent parties—Student Action, APPLE Engineering and UNITE Greek. APPLE, also known as A People’s Party with Loyalty and Experience, was created to represent loyalty toward the needs and desires of students, for experience and competency in office, and for an end to partisanship that interferes with service to students. In 2001, APPLE found it necessary to create a group specifically to represent the engineering community, and thus APPLE Engineering was born, which eventually joined the Student Action coalition in 2004. UNITE Greek, which finds its roots in the Berkeley Association Represent Students, was founded in 1985, and since then, it has been working to not only represent the Greek system at Cal but also to create a broad coalition to fight for students on the issues of better student safety, solutions for better student parking, and the protection of students’ rights to responsibly engage in opportunities to enhance their college experience. This organization joined with Student Action in 1996 and Apple Engineering in 2004. Overall, “Student Action is a party that learns from the past, acts in the present, and builds for the future.”