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The Consulting Club at Berkeley is a perfect resource for those aiming to enter the consulting industry. Together, CCB strives to create a community of individuals who can collaborate to help each other achieve their career goals. As you embark on the road to achieve your consulting dream, we invite you to peruse our resources and members to not only prepare for recruitment, but also form a network that will help you – both in college and beyond. CCB was created to fill a niche gap for students interested in consulting, to expressly educate and train members. We don't do consulting work for businesses/groups around the area. At CCB you'll find both individuals interested in learning about consulting and seasoned students prepping for interviews. Rather than serving clients in the area, our clients are students interested in consulting. We are open to all majors and years. We will host informational meetings with consulting firms in which they can provide information for students who are still learning about consulting as an industry, as well as network with students who may already be applying for internships or full-time positions. We will help pair up students to practice for case interviews depending on your level. In addition, we'll hold various workshops ranging from resumes to case interviews to networking that will members of various grade levels to learn and improve their interview skills and abilities for a consulting career. Humility is an invaluable asset for self-improvement. We embrace this virtue to lay down the foundation for innovative leadership, develop the desire to explore what others can offer and to grow without limit for future success. Collaboration is the heart of any successful business. We share our knowledge, ideas and skills to accomplish great goals and to create successful leadership among ourselves. We are more than the sum of our individual parts. We cultivate the attitude that achieve Excellence. We set ourselves standards to strive for greatness and harness the mentality to aim for more than what is expected.