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The UC Rally Committee

The UC Rally Committee of UC Berkeley was created in 1901 as the official protector of California Tradition and Spirit. The Rally Committee (or Rally Comm) is determined to remind its students and opponents that UC Berkeley is nicknamed Cal for more than simply being California’s first institution of higher learning. Through story telling and events, Rally Comm ensures that the greatest stories in Cal’s history are preserved within each new class of students.


After its creation, the first chairman, Alex Adler, dedicated his efforts to ensure that the club was founded on principles of selfless dedication to the spirit of California. This successful start helped cement Rally Comm into the university’s culture, helping it to eventually become one of the oldest and largest student groups on campus. The university officially recognized the club in 1927, thus granting it the right to include ‘UC’ in the name. The responsibilities bestowed on the club by the university included the guarding of tradition and the integrity of the student section in most recreational sports. During World War Two, the Women’s Rally Committee was created in the absence of the men who went overseas. However, the two groups were reunited in 1973 when the ASUC refused to fund student groups that segregated by gender.


Big Game Bonfire at the Hearst Greek Theater

Rally Comm is famous for their participation at Cal football games. With the front rows of the student section reserved, members chant and cheer in their blue and gold striped Rugbys. Aside from leading in chants and excitement, Rally Comm members also get the unique opportunity to participate in game-day jobs. These can range from flag waving at every touch down, firing the legendary cannon, protecting the “California” banner, and spelling out phrases on their chests in body paint, such as “This Is Bear Territory.” Card stunts are also a large part of the game-day experience, where the majority of the student section gets to participate in a half-time spectacle. Participants hold colored square cards above their heads to spell form a single, enormous image, such as a Cal script or the mighty bear. Without the organization done by Rally Comm members, these stunts would not be possible.

Rally Comm is also enthusiastically responsible for continuing Cal’s unofficial rivalry with Stanford University. During the days of the week leading up to the football game between Cal and Stanford, Rally Comm hosts a number events to built suspense for the big game. The most notable of these events is the Bonfire Rally. It is held in the Hearst Greek Theater and features a tower of dry wooden pallets waiting to be burned. Once the fire is lit it symbolizes the firing up of fellow Californians on the eve of the Big Game.

Get Involved

For more information, or if you would like to become a member, visit the UC Rally Committee Facebook page, or contact ucrc.member@gmail.com.


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